BZ 130 4 OHM

13 cm (5") low-midrange system with a very strong magnetic drive and mounted in a Euro standard basket. The connection terminals are gold plated 4.8 mm and 6.3 mm soldering lugs. Coloration free midrange and high efficiency. Car specific installation is possible, provided that the mounting depth of the large magnet has been considered.

No longer available.

Technical Data

Rated power
60 Watt
Maximum power
100 Watt
Nominal impedance Z
4 Ohm
Frequency response
60 - 10000 Hz (-8 dB)
Mean sound pressure level
89 dB (1 W/1 m)
Excursion limit
9 mm
Resonance frequency fs
70 Hz
Magnetic induction
1.0 Tesla
Magnetic flux
470 µ Weber
Height of front pole-plate
6 mm
Voice coil diameter
2.5 cm
Height of winding
10 mm
Cutout diameter
11.3 cm
Net weight
1.43 kg
D.C. resistance Rdc
3.5 Ohm
Mechanical Q factor Qms
Electrical Q factor Qes
Total Q factor Qts
Equivalent volume Vas
5.2 l
Effective piston area Sd
75 cm2
Dynamically moved mass Mms
7.9 g
Force factor Bxl
5.0 T · m
Inductance of the voice coil L
0.45 mH
Frequency- and impedance response