CF 25 4 OHM

25 mm fabric dome tweeter ferrofluid cooled voice-coil, featuring well-balanced frequency response and high efficiency. Exact reproduction of the high range band, transparent, coloration-free, soft and well-balanced. Installation: Very flexible due to the swivel mounting ring for car doors and dash boards. Mounting accessories are included.

No longer available.

Technical Data

Nominal impedance Z
4 Ohm
Frequency response
1000 - 22000 Hz (-8 dB)
Mean sound pressure level
90 dB (1 W/1 m)
Resonance frequency fs
1300 Hz
Voice coil diameter
2.5 cm
Net weight
0.093 kg
D.C. resistance Rdc
3.2 Ohm
Mechanical Q factor Qms
Electrical Q factor Qes
Total Q factor Qts
Inductance of the voice coil L
0.71 mH
Peak power handling with high pass
120 Watt (12 dB/Okt.; 4000 Hz)
Nominal power handling with high pass
80 Watt (12 dB/Okt.; 4000 Hz)
Frequency- and impedance response