DL 17 100 V

17 cm (6.5") ceiling speaker with corrosion free, mat-white metal grille (RAL 9010), suitable for installation in suspended ceilings. Developed for professional 100 V sound reinforcement systems (transformer version) and domestic applications (8 ohm version). Good music reproduction and clear speech reproduction properties. Solderless level adjustment. Easy installation without screw-mounting. Including self adhesive mounting template.

No longer available.

Technical Data

Nominal impedance Z
8 Ohm
Frequency response
50 - 18000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level
90 dB (1W/1m)
Excursion limit
6 mm
Resonance frequency fs
75 Hz
Magnetic induction
0.75 Tesla
Magnetic flux
190 µ Weber
Voice coil diameter
2 cm
Net weight
1.2 kg
D.C. resistance Rdc
6.8 Ohm
Mechanical Q factor Qms
Electrical Q factor Qes
Total Q factor Qts
Equivalent volume Vas
16 l
Effective piston area Sd
129 cm2
Dynamically moved mass Mms
5.9 g
Inductance of the voice coil L
0.75 mH
Transformer matching
3; 6; 10 Watt
Max. sound pressure level
100 dB (10W/1m)
Frequency- and impedance response
Directivity pattern
Directivity pattern
Directivity pattern