HiFi-Bauvorschläge 09/2005

Speaker combinations which were developed in the VISATON lab including comprehensive assembly instructions and parts-lists. (only available in German)Content: - ALTO GENESIS SAT- ALTO GENESIS SUB- ALTO I- ALTO II- ALTO III C- ARIA 2 LIGHT- ARIA LIGHT- ATLANTIS- CONCORDE MK II- COUPLET- COUPLET LIGHT- EXPERIENCE V 20- FONTANA- FONTANELLA SAT- FONTANELLA SUB- MB 115/B- MB 115/H- MB 208/H- NANO SAT MK II- NANO SUB- STARLET- TOPAS- VIB 2000 GF- VIB 170 AL- VOX 200- VOX 200 LIGHT