PL 5 - 8 Ohm

5 cm (2") projection loudspeaker with cylindrical plastic housing and adjustable mounting bracket for universal fixation. The 2-m-connection cable provides a high variability. The loudspeaker is suitable for hands-free equipment, radio communication systems and applications where small projection loudspeakers are needed.

No longer available.

Technical Data

Rated power
4 W
Maximum power
10 W
Nominal impedance Z
8 Ohm
Frequency response
350–17000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level
83 dB (1 W/1 m)
Resonance frequency fs
550 Hz
Net weight
0.194 kg
Length of cable
2 m
Protective system
IP 42
Temperature range
-30 ... 85 °C
Frequency- and impedance response
Directivity pattern