UL 99 100 V

Cabinet-housed loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor PA applications. Black plastic cabinet, fitted with an oval full-range speaker and transformer for use in 100 V mains supply systems. Rapid electrical connections thanks to spring-loaded terminals. Suitable for both voice and music reproduction. Good voice reproduction properties and high sound pressure.

Typical applications:

  • Indoor and outdoor PA applications
  • Use in conjunction with a lighting system, e.g. at railway stations, halls etc.

No longer available.

Technical Data

Nominal impedance Z
2.5 / 5 / 10 kOhm
Frequency response
220 - 12000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level
91 dB (1W/1m)
Net weight
0.68 kg
Transformer matching
4 / 2 / 1 W
Sound pressure level
95 dB (1W/1m)@ 5696 Hz
Max. sound pressure level
97 dB (4W/1m)
91 dB (1W/1m)
Length of cable
45 cm
Frequency- and impedance response
Directivity pattern
Directivity pattern
Directivity pattern
Directivity pattern