PL 13 DBS - 100 V

Twin radiating loudspeaker with cylindrical plastic housing (ABS) and sturdy mounting bracket (aluminium). Fitted with two full range loudspeakers and 100 V transformer, ceramic terminal and a thermal fuse. Conforms to both Dutch (NEN 2575) and British (BS 5839) regulations for alarm systems. Prepared to insert fire-proof cabling with a cable connexion. Cables can be concealed in the bracket if required. High level of voice quality. Particularly suitable for corridors and other elongated rooms.

No longer available.

Typical applications
Public address systems in public buildings, particularly suitable for corridors and other elongated rooms
  • Plastic: ABS (UL 94: HB)
  • Functionally at low temperature according to EN 60068-2-1 (-40 °C; 96 h)
  • Up to the standards of the Germanischer Lloyd (requirements for electrical equipment/low temperature)
  • UV-resistant
  • 100 V transformer
  • weather-resistant
  • Conform to NEN 2575, BS 5938

Technical Data

Frequency response
150–6000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level
92 dB (1 W/1 m)
Opening angle (-6 dB)
54°/4000 Hz
Net weight
2.3 kg
Transformer matching
15; 7.5; 3.75 W
Sound pressure level
99 dB (1 W/1 m)@ 1739 Hz
Max. sound pressure level
103 dB (15 W/1 m)
Protective system
IP 65
Temperature range
−40 ... 80 °C
Frequency- and impedance response
Directivity pattern