R 10 SC - 100 V

Art. No. 2045

Magnetically shielded 10 cm (4") fullrange speaker with high efficiency, balanced frequency response and high frequency rise for good off-axis speech intelligibility. Water-repellent cone and rubber gasket. Especially suitable as speaker for public applications and public transport systems. With 100 V transformer. An Adels-Contact push-terminal block, which can be fixated via catch pins, allows quick and easy connection to a 100 V network.

*) IP protection class for front side when built into a sealed enclosure (gluing of the loudspeaker might be necessary)

Typical applications
Ceiling- mounted speakers in railway carriages and busses
  • 100 V transformer
  • Functionally at cold according to EN 60068-2-1/EN 50155
  • Cold storage (-40 °C) according to EN 60068-2-1/EN 50155
  • Functionally at damp heat (cyclic) according to EN 60068-2-3/EN 50155
  • funktionstüchtig bei trockener Wärme gemäß EN 60068-2-2/EN 50155

Technical Data

Frequency response
100-13000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level
90 dB (1 W/1 m)
Opening angle (-6 dB)
81°/4000 Hz
Net weight
0.397 kg
Transformer matching
6 W/3 W/1.5 W
Max. sound pressure level
98 dB (6 W/1 m)
Adels-Contact LK 980-01 RZ/4
Length of cable
0.15 m (Type AWM/IA/FT1/22 AWG/80 °C/300 V/-LF-)
Protective system
IP 64 *)
IP 67 *)
Temperature range
−40 ... 70 °C
Frequency- and impedance response