EN 54-24

17 cm (6.5") ceiling speaker with corrosion free grille (RAL 9010), suitable for the installation in suspended ceilings of any material. Equipped with a full-range driver. Quick snap-in mounting due to round ceiling cut-out through which the speaker with transformer and mounting ring can be installed. A screw terminal block (ceramic terminal with thermal fuse) allows the connection to the 100-Vnetwork including the eventually necessary level adjustment. Easy installation provided for the grille by a quick-mounting bayonet and for the protective cap by snap-in springs.

The DPS 40 EN dipole flat-panel loudspeaker has been specifically developed to deal with particularly critical acoustic characteristics in rooms with high reverberation levels. In contrast to the similar model DPS 40 F - 100 V, the loudspeakers of DPS 40 EN are arranged as a symmetrical array. The sound is sharply focused both in horizontal and vertical directions therefore. Because this loudspeaker is normally installed on a higher place (bottom edge about 3 m), there is a passive time delay element integrated to optimize the radiating direction at an angle of -10°. DPS 40 EN is a passive loudspeaker, so it will not require any power supply.

Railway station PA speakers

A key objective of public address systems in railway stations is to ensure that every message relating to railway operation and in emergencies is clearly audible to all travellers at the target location in the station. DIN EN 60268-16 sets ambitious standards for speech intelligibility because the acoustic environment on railway platforms is a difficult one.

  • Trains arriving and leaving generate very loud ambient noises and require the loudspeakers to have a correspondingly high loudness level
  • Announcements on adjacent platforms make other announcements unintelligible unless the sound is properly and effectively restricted to the required target area
  • Sound reverberating from the sound-reflecting ceilings and walls in enclosed station buildings generates interference noise that makes the announcement hard to understand.

The passive train station loudspeakers made by VISATON will, however, allow the required speech intelligibility to be achieved, despite the difficult surroundings. These speakers are dipole flat-panel speakers, and provide the required high levels of sound pressure while focussing the sound they produce more accurately than classic speaker systems.

A dipole speaker works by creating air movement (as sound pressure waves) directly from the front and back surfaces of the driver, while the amount of sound emitted to the sides, up and down is much reduced. An arrangement of several loudspeakers in line or in a single plane results in an even more closely focussed sound image. By combining these two principles, VISATON has achieved a targeted improvement in the polar characteristics of loudspeaker systems.

Thanks to this principle, the platform in front of and behind the loudspeaker is addressed and the adjacent platforms hardly hear any of it. The sound also hardly reaches the ceiling and floor so interfering reverberations that would reduce speech intelligibility are reduced.Connection (100 V) + / - Red / White 40 W White / Yellow 20 W Yellow / Black 10 W Red / Yellow 6.9 W White / Black 3.4 W

33 cm spherical loudspeaker. Equipped with one 17 cm bass/midrange and four midrange/highrange drivers which have a good directivity pattern at off-axis angles and therefore provide a uniform and pleasant sound quality. The KL 33 EN can be connected to a 100 V network or a normal amplifier (4 ohm).

Wall-mounted speaker with a white plastic cabinet and metal grille. Fitted with two full range drivers and two 100 V transformers for space saving A/B connection according to DIN EN 60849/VDE 0828 and VDE 0833-4. Clear speech reproduction properties. Connection to the 100 volt network and level trimming by means of screw terminals.

Wall-mounted speaker with a white plastic cabinet and metal grille. Fitted with a full range driver and a 100 V transformer. Clear speech reproduction properties. Connection to the 100 volt network and level trimming by means of screw terminal.