SUB T-20.39

Extract from Hobby HiFi 5/05 (TIW 200 XS)

The TIW series contains the highest-quality woofer drivers made by Visaton, the loudspeaker manufacturer. The TIW 200 XS is the smallest member of this series of products.
The current release of this product, the TIW 200 XS, reflects the original parameters to a large extent. Although the physical loss resistance has increased from 0.6 to 0.84 kg/s, it is still an absolutely incredible value.
As regards diaphragm stroke, the TIW 200 XS is the largest among the TIW woofers: with a voice coil depth of no less than 30 mm, this enables a voice-coil extension of eleven millimetres. This enables it to match even the TIW 250 in terms of air displacement and this value comes remarkably close to the 8W7-3 by JL Audio.
Nine pole piece holes and openings in the aluminium diecast basket behind the damper ensure that the air displaced by the diaphragm and damper can circulate unhindered and noiselessly. The smaller vents arranged in a ring around the central pole piece hole vent the inner space of the magnet arrangement. This feature gains in importance as the diaphragm stroke increases.
Verdict: Visaton's TIW 200 XS opens up a new dimension in woofer construction. This manufacturer from Haan, Germany offers one of the best 20 cm woofers available at a remarkably reasonable price.