Boxsim – Simulation Program for Loudspeakers, Version 2.0


Boxsim is one of the most powerful software programs available for simulating HiFi loudspeakers. It is aimed at ambitious amateur loudspeaker builders, on the one hand, who already have fundamental experience of calculating loudspeakers but it is also suitable for beginners who wish to use this program to acquire those skills. In contrast to many other loudspeaker simulation programs, Boxsim also includes its own algorithm for simulating edge diffraction from the baffle (baffle step). As a result, Boxsim is able to simulate a loudspeaker of virtually any dimensions very realistic based on measurements in a standard environment.

Boxsim is free-of-charge to the user (freeware) and may be passed on to others in its original, unmodified form. For more information also visit and the BoxSim database.
–    Up to 20 loudspeaker drivers and up to 6 amplifier outputs
–    Active filters similar to popular DSP’s at each amplifier
–    Takes account of diffraction at the baffle
–    Frequency response along the axis and in over 20 other directions
–    Phase response is calculated separately for each driver
–    Separate impedance response for each amplifier output
–    Beaming effect and energy frequency response
–    Crossover editor with freely configurable component positioning and automatic crossover optimiser
–    Cabinet variants: enclosed, bass reflex, bandpass, biventilated bandpass
–    Import of frequency and impedance response from many standard measuring programs (e.g. ATB, Arta, JustOct Clio)

BoxSim - Download

Optimierer Weicheneditor Gehäuseeditor Frequenzgang


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