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Art. No. 5889

Building instruction

Exploded drawing


The case consists of straight panels glued edge to edge what makes the construction possibly easy. First the single panels (see cabinet parts list) are cut and glued together. The panel fixation succeeds with vices or package adhesive tape.

That the panels can not slip together, e.g. stamped cut nail ends can be used as an anti-slide help. After the case is completely built up, the holes for loudspeakers and connection terminal can be milled and cut out. In the end the 45° bevels of the front panel can be attached either by a router or by a circular saw bench.

To make the mounting of the crossover on the rear panel as simple as possible, the respectively holes should be pre-drilled (do not drill through).

The last operation is the surface treatment, which means polishing, painting, veneering or bonding.

Inner damping

The damping material should be pushed into the cabinet thru the woofer hole and loosely arranged there.

Cabinet parts list for 1 box

Size (mm)
Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF
Front panel
360 x 240
Rear panel
322 x 202
Side panels
360 x 181
Top / bottom panel
202 x 181


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