Extract from Klang & Ton 01/07

"The idea of incorporating lots of surface area and masses of volume in a single speaker at an affordable price has been put into practice once again in a thoroughly consistent manner, even if it meant raising the overall standard of the system a notch or two. (...) This loudspeaker can easily deal with even very high output levels, punches out crisp bass, produces brilliantly clear treble and shows more than enough dynamism across all frequency ranges. (...) Vocals and percussion come over powerfully but always pleasantly and well-balanced. (...) Bubbling over with contrast, with a carefully measured shot of directivity, solid, clear bass and a highly satisfying overall sound quality even at realistic volumes, this speaker generates a real live-on-stage feeling. (...)

(...) The speaker combines the pleasure of high volumes with a surprisingly balanced overall quality and applicability, even with highly demanding recordings - it is, as it were, a fun speaker with excellent living-room manners."