VOX 80

Extract from Klang & Ton

This neat little system really knows how to play. Not merely on the desk, but also as bookends on the shelf, provided you leave some space behind them. Amazingly, this miniature member of the VOX family will produce a rich, powerful overall sound which, understandably will not have a full complement of bass frequencies. The laws of physics put the limits on that with the 8 cm woofers. Despite that, this miniature VOX will offer you very pleasurable music listening. They are far superior to those boxes you normally find standing beside PC monitors. A pair of VOX 80's and the VISATON AMP 2.2 baby amp, which runs on 12 volts, coupled with an MP3 player stashed away in your suitcase and you are all set for hifi quality on your travels or in your mobile home. I took to these little fellows during the test phase and only handed them back with the greatest reluctance.