Extract from Image HiFi

This full-range speaker is so neatly integrated in the overall sound that it comes across as a presence in its own right, and yet a carefully blended one - like that of an additional tweeter injecting extra freshness and brightness into the picture, the final effect being one of totally holistic experience. It would, therefore, not be accurate to accuse the B 200 of being either too modest or reticent in the high-frequency range because this 20 cm speaker reaches well into the higher frequencies when aimed at the listener. It is not stingy with the details, and has sufficient output level, it is responsive, creates a stable sound field and carefully blends the finer details with the more energetic ranges.
This speaker can cope with volume, has good bass response, is an unbelievably homogeneous loudspeaker with powerful all-round capabilities and a musical talent all of its own. The Solitude is technically and from a sound point of view light-years away from the fluffy mush produced by so many boring three-way boxes.