Extract from Klan & Ton

“We ran the listening test in our listening room (as usual), which we felt was pretty unfair since we were sure the floor area would be far too big for the narrow Stella Light. Think again: These two 17-litre cabinets produce powerful bass full of low-frequency energy – not the slightest bit intrusive or booming, but, thanks to the high-quality paper diaphragms, filled with special lively elegance which, in my opinion, represents the ideal compromise between the two extremes of the crisp clarity of hard cones and the comforting warmth of plastic diaphragms, while radiating a maximum charm. Whenever one felt lulled into a state of comfortableness by the light-footed effortlessly capable W 170 S, suddenly a bass punch would be projected towards the listening position to remind us that this is, indeed, an ambitious driver with considerable surface area. In a smaller listening room, the bass loses nothing of its presence – the very idea of adding a sub-subwoofer is blasted into insignificance by these two speakers. Add to this lively bass the congenial FRS 8. This driver, unencumbered by the really low bass, demonstrates its dynamic, responsive character, and unfolds a range and depth of sound colour that covers nearly seven octaves and, once again, shows why it is one of the really big players among the small full-rangedrivers.


Not really “light”: 180 euros for two column speaker sets that are, in terms of their sound reproduction quality, fully grown-up – you can hardly beat that. And on top of it all there's a considerable portion of the fascination of full-range speakers – what more could one want?”