KT 100 V - 4 Ohm

10 cm (4") woofer with low resonant frequency and compact size. Large strokes possible due to elastic rubber surround and deep magnet while noise is minimized through venting of air gap and t-yoke. Simple basket for various installation possibilities.

W 130 X - 2 x 4 Ohm

13 cm (5") woofer with robust polypropylene membrane for very compact subwoofer. Designed for multi-purpose applications due to 2 x 4 ohms double voice-coil, with excellent properties as 8 ohms drivers in series configuration. The enormous membrane displacement for its size as well as the very low resonance frequency allows a considerable sound pressure level, the one does not trust such a small speaker. Possible connections: (1) one voice coil not connected (2) both voice coils in series (3) both voice coils in parallel