New products

25 cm (10") ceiling speaker equipped with a 13 cm coaxial driver. The four mounting clamps make it easy and quick to install. The magnetic grilles cobers the loudspeaker completely and can be removed with a simple step. By the 8 Ohm and 100 V tap, the ceiling speaker is versatile.

33 cm spherical loudspeaker. Equipped with one 17 cm bass/midrange and four midrange/highrange drivers which have a good directivity pattern at off-axis angles and therefore provide a uniform and pleasant sound quality. The KL 33 EN can be connected to a 100 V network or a normal amplifier (4 ohm).

Wall-mounted speaker with a white plastic cabinet and metal grille. Fitted with a full range driver and a 100 V transformer. Clear speech reproduction properties. Connection to the 100 volt network and level trimming by means of screw terminal.