Extract from Klang & Ton 05/06

It is possible to count those speakers with the ability to sound the deepest depths using only traditional technology (...) on the fingers of one hand. Visaton's TL-SUB 30 is one of them, and it is easy to believe it just looking at it.(...). In the listening room there was no space free by the wall to put it in contact with the wall directly. But even so, the TL-SUB 30 had no problem at all getting the whole listening room to vibrate.(...). Salvos of real, dark bass are the staple diet of this monster and he swallows them up with gusto and asks for more.(...). Without attempting to take over the stage, this excellent speaker from Germany injects a generous dose of spatial depth particularly into good live recordings, which adds authenticity. (...). In home theatre applications the TL-SUB 30 is comfortably at home.(...). Even at the cinema, such high-quality infrasound is only available in particularly well-equipped auditoriums. This VISATON equipment is one of the very few subwoofers that is, in fact, capable of reproducing what the sound engineers had in mind.

VISATON's TL-SUB 30 is a genuine low-frequency bass specialist and dedicates all its efforts to the lowest end of the scale. It does this so efficiently, it can bring tears to the eyes of any home theatre and deep-bass connoisseur.