Arranging loudspeakers

In an ideal set-up, both speakers will be the same distance from the listener. This prevents different transit times and volume levels. Optimum sound reproduction is attained with an equilateral triangle between the speakers and listening position. Midrange-range speakers and tweeters should, wherever possible, be at ear height in the listening position. It makes sense to maintain a minimum distance from walls and corners of rooms of 0.5 to 1.0 m for loudspeaker cabinets because otherwise annoying resonance is quickly generated. When deciding how to arrange the listening position and speakers in a room, aim for the best possible acoustic symmetry. To check symmetry, run the following test. Set the amplifier to mono and play some music, then arrange the listening position equidistant from both speakers. In an ideal situation, you will hear all sound levels now coming from the middle of each speaker.