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Art. No. 5947

The ARIA 2 MHT CENTER is equipped with the popular combination of drivers consisting of the TI 100 - 8 Ohm and the MHT 12 - 8 Ohm. As a result of this choice of drivers and the linear frequency response, it is ideally suited as a complementary centre speaker in conjunction with the VOX 253 MTI or TOPAS, for example, to produce a high-end home theatre system. As already seen in the ARIA 2, the magnetostat is positioned in the middle of the slim-line baffle and is flanked by the two titanium mid-bass units.

In contrast to centre speakers featuring a genuine D'Appolito arrangement, the ARIA 2 MHT CENTER is well suited to horizontal positioning e.g. above or below the television set, because it does not have anything like the same beaming effect. The sophisticated 2.5-band crossover circuitry is responsible for this feature. The crossover separates one of the two mid-bass units at 1800 Hz while the second is not separated until 4500 Hz is reached, to leave the higher frequencies to the magnetostat.
This deliberate individual treatment of the two TI 100 - 8 Ohm prevents noticeable directivity which, in a vertically placed D'Appolito arrangement, would be intentional but in a horizontally placed centre speaker must be avoided at all costs to ensure that all the seating positions in the home theatre are treated to the same volume levels.

Technical Data
Component parts list
Additional Content
Rated power 80 W
Maximum power 120 W
Nominal impedance Z 4 Ohm
Übertragungsbereich (-10 dB) 58–40000 Hz
Mittlerer Schalldruckpegel 86 dB (1 W/1 m)
Trennfrequenz 1800 / 4500 Hz
Gehäuseprinzip Bassreflex
Net volume 8 l
Außenmaß Höhe 160 mm
Außenmaß Breite 396 mm
Außenmaß Tiefe 210 mm

Component parts list for 1 box

The kit includes all the components listed here but not the cabinet.

MHT 12 - 8 Ohm
1 pc.
TI 100 - 8 Ohm
2 pcs.
Aria 2 MHT Center
1 pc.
Bass reflex tube
BR 6.8 (full length)
2 pcs.
ST 77
1 pc.
Damping material
Polyester wool
0.5 bags
Wood screws
3.5 x 19 mm
12 pcs.
Countersunk screws
3.5 x 25 mm
4 pcs.
2 x 1.5 mm²
1 m

Frequency- and impedance response

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