Art. No. 5924

Exploded drawing


The cut sections of the cabinet, except for the base, are glued as shown in the drawing. The base is removable and is screwed to four laths that have been glued into position.

The fine bevel at the interface between the upper front part and the angled baffle can be made with an adjustable jig or circular saw or you may simply round off the edges with a rasp.

The recesses for the speakers should be cut a little larger in diameter to allow for tolerances and the thickness of the paint or varnish.
The crossover is divided across two circuit boards. One circuit board is attached to the removable base. The second is mounted on the rear wall behind the bass cut-out.


Two sheep's wool mats are evenly distributed in the upper half of the housing.

Zuschnittliste für 1 Box

Size (mm)
Material: 16 mm chipboard or MDF
Upper Front
307 x 130
Lower Front
378 x 130
504 x 130
Top panel
193 x 130
Rear panel
900 x 130
Side panels
900 x 225
Bottom panel
192 x 129
Material: Wood
163 x 15 x 15
130 x 15 x 15



Extract from Hobby HiFi

"The acoustic qualities produced by the rather fragile-looking TOPAS completely exceeded all our expectations. The system was able to cope well with all genres of music from small classical ensembles through full-sized orchestras and big-band jazz to state-of-the-art pop."
"The remarkably slim-line design belies the ability of the system to reproduce crisp, very deep bass. In practice, dynamic technology is nothing like as limited in its range as distortion measurements would have us believe."
"TOPAS' spatial abilities completely convinced us. The remarkable bass-handling abilities are worthy of special note because the system steers clear of the droning 'bowling-alley' effect in favour of generous, broad-range treatment."

Extract from Klang & Ton

"The way the TOPAS started off was impressive, to say the least, very fine definition, dynamic and bass reproduction none of us would have thought possible only minutes before.
Another impressive feature was the way these loudspeakers unravelled the more complex structures to make some details audible that one had never really noticed before.
At the same time the speakers generated spatial qualities that were highly realistic.
In terms of sound quality, the TOPAS speakers left nothing at all to be desired.
With their diminutive TOPAS, VISATON have, once again, created great results. They offer everything the audiophile can expect from such speakers and will ensure hours of listening pleasure."

Extract from Stereo

"VISATON is aiming at those appreciators of quiet volume levels and high quality demands and has hit the bull's eye fair and square."
"The latest model offered by these loudspeaker specialists uses two of the company's state-of-the-art high-end drivers."
"The TOPAS system is ideally suited to the sophisticated audiophile in a small room, and fits the bill ideally."
"Its tremendous transparency opens up the heart and soul of the music, leaps nimbly across the range and always with a fine sense of balance and rhythm, slightly cautiously in the mid-range, but with a warm-hearted mellowness."

Extract from HiFi Test

"Full depth of colour which retains its stability even as the sound fades out, which immediately disqualified a large number of competing systems from the start."
"VISATON's Topas loudspeakers have the noticeable feature of being able to transmit music with a high degree of sensitivity. Their ability to reproduce even the most subtle details, coupled with their extremely precise spatial qualities and natural depth of colour of the sound means that, as from now, these speakers will become reference speakers for HIFI TEST."