VOX 200

Extract from Fonoforum

"It was in the listening test that our dream set-up (Transrotor Sirius, Octave V-50 Black Box, VISATON VOX 200) got the chance to really shine." "We haven't heard such a fascinatingly harmonious and yet compact system in our listening room for a long time. Let no one claim that vinyl disks are not in a position to present dynamic listening. And what about the higher frequencies? Clear as crystal, full-bodied treble. The sound was neither frayed around the edges nor hard and sharp, but simply pure and honest. The spatial qualities were just as good. The plasticity was there in both the depth and width, just the way the conductor ordered. This arrangement does not, however, merely produce a perfect array of virtues for audiophiles, it goes one step further and reproduces musical compositions in a fascinating and exciting manner. These sound properties have an effect on your soul and that's what it's all about."