VOX 200

Extract from Image HiFi

"VISATON's VOX 200 is a decidedly crisp, clear column speaker with both the power to do justice to any party and the control to cope with accurate spatial positioning and clarity of resolution. A real gem that stands head and shoulders above the others in this price range."
"The VOX 200 can punch out quite considerable volume levels and the probability that the electronic circuitry will pack up first is quite high even with larger-scale units. The VOX 200 is also well able to deal with normal living-room levels. The way each wave of sound is neatly send off into the room by the cabinet is captivating, to say the least, and spatial control is exemplary. The Visaton designers are capable of creating a virtual stage in your living room that has a remarkable breadth and depth. In this department, other manufacturers' units many times the price can hardly manage to trump this performance. Similarly, the plasticity and sheer volume of each individual cone leaves nothing to be desired. The real showpiece, though, is the unit's vocal reproduction (...). I have seldom experienced such authentic singing free of all interference factors and with such depth of colour."
"I can say that these two slim-line VISATON cabinets have left a deep impression on me, for one."