VOX 253

Extract from STEREO 11/2004

The new VOX 253 development made it necessary to move further up the test scale because it was easily able to overtake the very good VOX 252, which is in normal working use in the editor's office, in a direct comparison, it is clearer, more voluminous and while achieving better separation and, in the bass department, even slightly more efficiently controlled. It is even possible to up the maximum volume level a little. What comes out in the end is an enhanced but equally sophisticated, high-quality audiophile column speaker which is just as applicable to everyday use and is guaranteed to raise the fun stakes. In short, the Vox 253 is now a whole class better, still costs only € 4000 a pair and, as a result, achieves 80 points on the scale. That, in turn, means it gets a fourth star for being excellent value-for-money.