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Art. No. 5980

Building instruction

Exploded drawing


First, glue up the upper and lower halves of the satellites separately and drill or saw the openings, as appropriate. The central part of the board for the intermediate frame is also cut out. Next, the two halves of the cabinetcan be glued to the frame. The two 15 x 15 mm pieces are cut across diagonally for the corners and also glued in place. The grilles must fit over these corners later (two each at front and rear). A small section of the wrapped edge of the grille over the terminal connections has to be carefully removed using pliers to allow a passage for the cables.

The short bass reflex tubes are cut to size from aluminium tubing (available in DIY shops) and stuck in place with silicon mastic or hot-melt glue in the spaces allotted. The cabinets are so small that it is impossible to screw on the PCB's for the crossovers. They are simply rolled up in damping wool and placed inside the cabinet.

Inner damping

Two small pieces (around 5 x 5 cm) of damping material are cut off the main piece intended for the subwoofer and one placed in each of the upper and lower chambers. A further small piece, only the size of a thimble, is placed in the bass reflex tubes and stuck in place with a little glue.

Cabinet parts list for 1 box

Size (mm)
Material: 8 mm MDF
Front and rear panels
86 x 86
Side panels
86 x 70
Top, bottom panels, frame
70 x 70
Corner parts (cut diagonally)
15 x 15
Material: aluminium tube
Bass reflex tube
Ø 12 x 40

Inner damping


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