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  • Cone drivers
  • Dome drivers
  • Horn speakers
  • Magnetostats
  • Coaxial speakers
  • Exciters
  • Cabinet speakers
  • Buzzers

Cone drivers

Classic speakers are fitted with a cone-shaped diaphragm. The conical diaphragm can be made of a range of materials, for example paper, plastic, aluminium or glass fibre. This means that there are many possible applications.

Dome drivers

Dome shaped diaphragms are mainly used in tweeters and mid-range drivers. These flat, dome-shaped diaphragms can be made of either firm or soft materials. In addition to titanium foil and ceramics, these include fabrics such as silk.

Horn speakers

Horn-shaped loudspeakers have high efficiency ratings and are therefore mainly used where high volumes are required.


Magnetostatic loudspeakers have a flat diaphragm. The conductor that is energised is distributed over practically the entire diaphragm surface, which minimises partial resonance. Field of application: for tweeters and mid-range drivers in high-end systems.

Coaxial speakers

Coaxial speakers are two-way systems consisting of woofers and tweeters. This means that two drivers are installed in one chassis. This can improve reproduction in the high frequency range, especially where reflecting surfaces are angled.


Exciters are structure-borne sound converters that can excite surfaces made of different materials and therefore function without a diaphragm. Attached to the back of walls and panelling, they become invisible speakers and are thus protected not only against vandalism but also against other environmental influences.

Cabinet speakers

Speakers that are mounted in a cabinet suitable for indoor or outdoor use can be used as they are. They do not require additional installation.


A buzzer is a loudspeaker with a limited transmission range for the reproduction of signals and sounds. They can be found, for example, in medical equipment, industrial and office technology or household electronics.

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