Signs for speaker boxes with Visaton lettering. Made of aluminium. Self-adhesive.


Art. No. 5103 5104 5105 5106

35 x 10 R

50 x 13 R
35 x 10 S
50 x 13 S
Dimensions 35 x 10 mm 50 x 13 mm 35 x 10 mm 50 x 13 mm
Colour silver/black/red silver/black/red silver/black silver/black


Protective grille made of black painted metal. Decoration ring made of black plastics. Can be supplied painted in other colours on request.



- Plastics: ABS

7 cm (2.8") full-range-speaker with perfect price-performance ratio for installation in confined spaces. Balanced frequency response and high efficiency with low installation depth.

3.7 cm (1.5") fullrange speaker with a wide and balanced frequency response and very good low range reproduction. With powerful Neodymium driver and high membrane excursion limit, optimized for small vented enclosures/enclosures with passive radiator. Suitable for applications where slim construction and good music and speech reproduction are requested.

*) IP protection class for front side when built into a sealed enclosure (gluing of the loudspeaker might be necessary)

7 cm (2.5") flush-mounted speaker with a threaded mounting ring at the plastic housing for easy installation in round openings without additional screws. High efficiency at frequencies relevant for speech reproduction. Including 60 cm cable.

Wall-mounted speaker with a white plastic cabinet and metal grille. Fitted with a full range driver and a 100 V transformer. Clear speech reproduction properties. Connection to the 100 volt network and level trimming by means of screw terminal.

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