Extract from Audio

“From the start, the ARIA speakers make a convincing impression in the mid-range and reproduce voices unusually clearly. In connection with the silky smooth treble produced by the magnetostats, terms like “smooth” and “calming” automatically go through one's mind. What is really remarkable is the volume level achievable: the potential diaphragm excursion of the TI 100 is impressive. Although the ARIA MHT produces powerful bass when used as a shelf speaker, it makes sense to add an active subwoofer if you need to emphasise the lowest frequencies.”

Grand Orgue / Petit Orgue (Klang & Ton 01/2011)

“Les Orgues” - two ambitious concepts that are well away from the mainstream and which are highly successful in practice. Emphasis is clearly on the lower-range frequencies which, thanks to the dipole technology, remain more clearly detectable, clear and deep than with other systems. The large diaphragm area of the full-range drivers supplements the bass to produce a rich, homogeneous whole, and results in total in loudspeakers that are both excellent and affordable and suited to any genre of music that would get hopelessly lost on small speakers.”

The differences between Grand Orgue & Petit Orgue:

“The Petit Orgue is a quarter the size of the Grand Orgue, but produces almost exactly the same readings (including depth of bass) and, mounted on a stand, is both visually and aurally a remarkable speaker. It is enough to take your breath away when you are sitting on your settee and watch this little box produce ultradeep bass of the most remarkable quality.” ... “in smaller rooms – in particular ones with bass production problems – this could be a real dream come true.”