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In a similar manner to the VOX 200 LIGHT, the concept underlying the tried-and-tested VOX 252 was adapted using different drivers but without changing any of the cabinet characteristics or shape. The VOX 250 LIGHT made a good impression thanks to its excellent acoustic characteristics. In particular in the bass department, there were almost no losses. So even with a much reduced budget, it is, indeed, possible to achieve full-range sound from powerful column speakers that are a joy to listen to if you go for the VOX 250 LIGHT.

Technical Data
Component parts list
Additional Content
Rated power 150 W
Maximum power 200 W
Nominal impedance Z 4 Ohm
Übertragungsbereich (-10 dB) 35 - 30000 Hz
Mittlerer Schalldruckpegel 83 dB (1 W/1 m)
Trennfrequenz 220 / 3000 Hz
Gehäuseprinzip Bassreflex
Net volume 70 l + 4 l
Außenmaß Höhe 1150 mm
Außenmaß Breite 235 mm
Außenmaß Tiefe 400 mm

Component parts list for 1 box

Component parts list for 1 box
The kit includes all necessary components (see list below). Cabinet parts are not included.
G 20 SC 8 Ohm
1 piece
W 130 S 8 Ohm
2 pieces
GF 250 2 x 4 Ohm
1 piece
BT 95/75
1 piece
Damping material:
4 bags
Wood screws:
3,5 x 19 mm
6 pieces
Countersunk screws:
3,5 x 25 mm
18 pieces
Material for speaker covers:
width 50 cm
0,5 m
2x 1,5 mm2
2 m
2x 2,5 mm2
2,5 m

Frequency- and impedance response

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