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VOX 253 HE

Building instruction

Exploded drawing


At first sight, the construction of the VOX 253 HE looks complicated, which is why it is worth looking at each internal part individually first. In the lower part of the cabinet, you can see the tunnel, made up of the base and an upper board. In the middle, there are three cross-reinforcements. At the top of the cabinet, behind the cut-out in the baffle for the mid- to high-range unit, is the enclosure required for the mid-range cone, made up of two wooden boards. Three 8 mm holes has to be drilled into the rear board of the mid-range enclosure for the connection leads. These holes have to be sealed well.

Fitting the TIW 250 XS into the side is a special feature. The mounting board for the TIW 250 XS (346 x 297 with a 235 mm cut-out) itself is glued in place from inside behind the square cut-outs in the corresponding side panel. This means that the bass driver can be sunken by 19 mm (19 mm = thickness of the boards). For optical reasons the side panel cut-out must be made extremely accurately.

The crossover unit is mounted on the side panel behind the bass port.

Inner damping

The damping uses one mat placed in the medium range cabinet. The remainder is evenly distributed throughout the cabinet. The area above the tunnel opening (at the rear of the front panel) up to the lower edge of the reinforcement remains free. If, as a result of the acoustics in the room, the low-range bass is too powerful, damping this area will have a corresponding effect on the overall bass output level.

Cabinet parts list for 1 box

Size (mm)
Material: 19 mm chipboard or MDF
Rear panel
1051 x 197
Top panel
359 x 197
Bass-reflex channel
270 x 197
100 x 197
60 x 197
Midrange rear panel
500 x 197
Midrange bottom panel
43 x 197
Bottom panel
378 x 197
Side panel
378 x 1150
Mounting board woofer
346 x 297
Material: 22 mm chipboard or MDF
Front panel
235 x 1150


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