SOLO Eckbox

Characteristics and sound properties

It is a physical characteristic of all wide-range high-sensitivity loudspeakers, and that includes the high-end B 200 - 6 OHM speaker, that they reproduce higher frequencies louder than the lower ones. To compensate for this, we have designed speaker cabinets for the corners of the room. Corners tend to boost the bass but not the higher frequencies. This allows us to use a very simple correcting circuit (consisting of a coil and a resistance) and we still get a very pleasing, natural overall sound.

With relatively little effort, it is possible to produce efficient, high-end speaker cabinets with excellent sound properties which also fit in optically. If you want to, you can even make them blend in completely or almost disappear by wallpapering them the same as the walls or painting them the same. The shape can even be adapted to take full advantage of the height of the room, for example. What matters is that the inside volume is kept the same.

A complete kit for this suggestion is available via

Component parts list for 1 box

Fullrange speaker
B 200 - 6 OHM
1 pc.
see circuit diagram
1 pc.
Damping material
Polyester wool
4 bags
Wood screws
4 x 25 mm
6 pcs.
Material for speaker covers
width 50 cm
0.5 m
Frame dowels
4 sets
2 x 1.5 mm²
1.5 m

Technical Data

Rated power
40 W
Maximum power
70 W
Nominal impedance Z
6 Ohm
Übertragungsbereich (-10 dB)
42–18000 Hz
Mittlerer Schalldruckpegel
88 dB (2.83 V/1 m)
geschlossen/ closed
Net volume
75 l
Außenmaß Höhe
1500 mm
Außenmaß Breite
550 mm
Außenmaß Tiefe
275 mm