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DK 8 P - 100 V/15 W

Art. No. 50220

Re-entrant horn speaker with 100 V transformer. Light grey plastic housing. Level adjustment for 100 V model via knob, in addition 20 Ohm possible. High sound pressure and wide range of frequency response guarantee excellent voice quality. Pivoting metal frame for mounting walls, ceilings, columns etc.

Typical applications

  • Public address in factories, railway stations etc.
  • Outdoor sound reinforcement systems


  • Functionally at low temperature according to EN 60068-2-1 (-40 °C; 96 h)
  • Up to the standards of the Germanischer Lloyd (requirements for electrical equipment/low temperature)
  • Plastic: ABS (UL 94: HB)
  • Metall frame: Stainless steel (1.4301)
*Gross price for private customers. Industrial prices are available on request.
Technical Data
Amplitude & Impendance Frequency
Directivity pattern
Frequency response 500–5500 Hz
Mean sound pressure level 107 dB (1 W/1 m)
Opening angle (-6 dB) 37°/4000 Hz
Net weight 1.8 kg
Transformer matching 15 W/10 W/5 W/3 W/1 W / 20 Ohm
Sound pressure level 110 dB (1 W/1 m)@ 2644 Hz
Max. sound pressure level 119 dB (15 W/1 m)
Colour light grey similar RAL 7035
Length of cable 0.6 m
Protective system IP 66
Temperature range −40 ... 80 °C

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The strength of horn speakers is, without doubt, in their dynamism. Even short, extremely high peaks and sustained high volumes are reproduced without effort because horns are able to convert electrical energy into sound energy very efficiently. In many cases, this benefit is impaired by the fact that the sound is slightly distorted. This is not the case with the FIESTA 25. Emphasis has been placed in this development on achieving a frequency response curve which is as linear as possible - a key requirement for undistorted sound reproduction and a joy to listen to even if the listening session carries on into the small hours. In order to keep the cabinet down to a reasonable size for living rooms, the bass department does without a tube and instead uses large diaphragms in twin W 250 S - 8 Ohm in a closed compartment.

The striking feature of the FIESTA 25 is the mid-range horn. Here, the DK 8 P - 100 V/15 W horn speaker, based on the pressure chamber principle and borrowed from the public address department, has been applied as a low-impedance version (without the 100 V transformer). It differs from the many other horn speakers of this type which are available on the market by its remarkably good characteristics in the mid-range from 500 to 5000 Hz. Consequently, it is only applied within this range. The tweeter is the HTH 8.7 - 8 Ohm constant directivity horn which has already proved its worth in the MB 208/H kit proposal.

This unusual combination being rather quirky, it was necessary to devise a smart crossover design to achieve the high demands placed on the speaker and satisfy even HiFi standards. Even though the frequency response cannot be as linear as it would be with other loudspeakers, the listener is rewarded with remarkably good sound quality. The FIESTA 25has a pleasant sound ranging from low bass through the clear, well-defined mid-range up to the finest of the higher frequencies. In contrast to standard HiFi speakers, however, this one can easily produce extremely high peak levels and is quite happy to make the walls bulge with continuous, high-level volumes. Provided the listener takes up a suitable central sitting position between the speakers, the well-controlled directivity of these tightly bundled horn speakers allows well-recorded sound to be easily located while ensuring good range layering.

It is fair to say, then that this is a HiFi speaker which will provide very high levels of satisfaction.

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