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W 200 S - 8 Ohm

Art. No. 9030

20 cm (8") HiFi woofer with strong drive, extended rear pole plate and 35 mm voice-coil for high power handling. Elastic rubber surround and coated paper cone. Recommended cabinets: Volume/Principle BR-Channel fb fc/QTC 15 l/closed - - 70 Hz/0,7 20 l/bass reflex BR 19.24 (length 14 cm) 45 Hz - 30 l/bass reflex BR 19.24 (length 11 cm) 39 Hz - 50 l/bass reflex BR 15.34 (length 13 cm) 33 Hz -

*Gross price for private customers. Industrial prices are available on request.
Technical Data
Recommended cabinets
Amplitude & Impedance Frequency
Directivity pattern
Rated power 75 W
Maximum power 115 W
Nominal impedance Z 8 Ohm
Frequency response fu–6000 Hz
(fu: Lower cut-off frequency depending on cabinet) .
Mean sound pressure level 88 dB (1 W/1 m)
Opening angle (-6 dB) 48°/4000 Hz
Excursion limit +/−10 mm
Resonance frequency fs 30 Hz
Magnetic induction 1.1 T
Magnetic flux 600 µWb
Height of front pole-plate 5 mm
Voice coil diameter 35 mm
Height of winding 12 mm
Cutout diameter 184 mm
Net weight 1.5 kg
D.C. resistance Rdc 6.0 Ohm
Mechanical Q factor Qms 3.59
Electrical Q factor Qes 0.36
Total Q factor Qts 0.33
Equivalent volume Vas 70 l
Effective piston area Sd 214 cm²
Dynamically moved mass Mms 26 g
Force factor Bxl 9.0 Tm
Inductance of the voice coil L 2.2 mH
Connections 4.8 x 0.8 mm (+)/2.8 x 0.8 mm (-)
Volume/Principle BR-Channel fb fc/QTC
15 l/closed - - 72 Hz/0,75
20 l/bass reflex BR 19.24 (length 14 cm) 45 Hz -
30 l/bass reflex BR 19.24 (length 11 cm) 39 Hz -
50 l/bass reflex BR 15.34(length 13 cm) 33 Hz -

Used in / Accessories:


The EXPERIENCE V 20 is a 96 litre vented cabinet and features a bafflearrangement based on the D'Appolito principle arranged symmetrically around the tweeter. In order to suppress any unwanted interference by the front baffle on the radiation pattern, the entire mid- to high-range unit is not positioned in the middle of the cabinet, but towards the inner side.

The woofers in the EXPERIENCE V 20 are two W 200 S - 8 Ohm 's in parallel up to around 450 Hz. From here, the mid-bass unit takes over. The W 130 S - 8 Ohm 's, also connected in parallel, cover the mid-range frequencies up to around 3000 Hz and hand over to the G 25 FFL - 8 Ohm textile dome unit at the high-range.

The crossover unit is designed for bi-wiring.

The very first impression you get of this V 20 speaker system will demonstrate the unrestricted exuberance the speakers are capable of. At the lower octave levels, the two 20 cm woofers produce crisp bass sounds with a dynamic punch that is unusual for speakers of this size. The mid-range produces absolutely linear, undistorted sound and the overall effect is of tangible sounds, spatially separated from the speakers themselves. The crystal clear, airy high-range reproduction from the 25 mm textile dome unit puts the final touch to the upper frequency end.

Art. No. 5965


The STARLET is a 3-way speaker which is extremely good value for money. The individual drivers used here have all proved their worth in numerous well-known constructions.

At the bottom end of the frequency range, there is the W 200 S - 8 Ohmfrom the EXPERIENCE V 20, mounted in a 58 litre vented cabinet. The mid- to high-range is covered by the W 100 S - 8 Ohm and DT 94 - 8 Ohm from the ALTO series of speakers.

The impression given by the STARLET is of a solid low-frequency foundation with powerful, crisp bass. The mid-range has a pleasant, unobtrusive sound, and at the higher frequency ranges the STARLETproduces sparkling, clear-cut treble. In a nutshell, the STARLET is an extremely reasonably priced column speaker with a well-rounded tonal character and good power handling capabilities.

Art. No. 5929


Soon after its launch, the VOX 200 became one of the most popular and successful high-end kits. Several excellent tests in numerous specialist magazines have demonstrated that this system is at a quality level normally expected of far more expensive candidates. We were asked whether it was possible to fit these cabinets with much cheaper loudspeakers and still get good results.

At the lower frequency end, we replaced the AL 200 - 8 OHM with the W 200 S - 8 OHM and also took out the TI 100 - 8 OHM mid-range loudspeaker, replacing it with two W 100 S - 8 OHM. We left the G 20 SC - 8 OHM dome tweeter unchanged. Initial tests showed that only a slight adjustment to the crossover were required. In terms of sound quality, the modified VOX put up an excellent showing in comparisons with the original.

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