PL 7 RV - 4 Ohm

Art. No. 4475

7 cm (2.5") flush-mounted speaker with a threaded mounting ring at the plastic housing for easy installation in round openings without additional screws. High efficiency at frequencies relevant for speech reproduction. Including 60 cm cable.

Typical applications
Dashboards, door panels or other panels in vehicles
  • Assembly without additional screws

Technical Data

Rated power
10 W
Maximum power
20 W
Nominal impedance Z
4 Ohm
Frequency response
400–5000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level
88 dB (1 W/1 m)
Resonance frequency fs
550 Hz
Net weight
0.16 kg
schwarz / black
Length of cable
0.6 m
Cutout diameter
64.5 mm (max. Wandstärke/max. panel thickness 7.5 mm)
Protective system
Frequency- and impedance response
Directivity pattern
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