Characteristics and sound properties

Characteristics and sound properties

For those who feel that the ATLAS DSM MK III is just too high and too wide, the ATLAS COMPACT MK III could be just the thing. The aim here was to slim down the size of the cabinets without compromising the excellent sound characteristics of the ATLAS DSM MK III. If you want to cut down the volume of a speaker cabinet without losing too much of the lower bass range, you have to use a bass driver with a smaller diaphragm area. As far as the lower frequency extremes are concerned, the ratio of diaphragm surface area to cabinet volume is of the utmost importance. In this context, the TIW 360 8 Ohm is the ideal bass speaker and the AL 170 8 Ohm optimal as a low- to midrange unit. Of course, a 40 cm subwoofer will generate more bass power than a 30 cm driver simply because it has a larger diaphragm surface area. But the tremendous power generated by the TIW 360 8 Ohm with optimal bass reflex tuning, should easily provide sufficient bass volume for most applications. The use of the same medium and high-range cones as in the ATLAS DSM MK III ensures a close relationship in terms of sound quality with the larger model.

No longer available.

Component parts list for 1 box

1 pc.
Midrange driver
1 pc.
Bass-midrange driver
1 pc.
1 pc.
"Atlas Compact MK III"
1 pc.
Bass reflex tube
BR 14.70 (length: 14.5 cm each)
2 pcs.
1 pc.
Damping material
6 bags
Special-wood screws
5 x 30 mm
8 pcs.
Wood screws
4 x 20 mm
20 pcs.
Countersunk screws
3.5 x 25 mm
4 pcs.
2 x 2.5 mm2
2.6 m
2 x 1.5 mm2
3.4 m

Technical Data

Rated power
200 W
Maximum power
300 W
Nominal impedance Z
8 Ohm
Übertragungsbereich (-10 dB)
35 - 30000 Hz
Mittlerer Schalldruckpegel
90 dB (1 W/1 m)
300 / 1200 / 5000 Hz
Net volume
130 l + 20 l
Außenmaß Höhe
1374 mm
Außenmaß Breite
360 mm
Außenmaß Tiefe
400 mm

Frequency- and impedance response


Protective grille
1 pc.
1 pc.


Extract from Stereoplay

Overall, the Atlas compact MK II is able "to take enormous leaps in dynamic play and convert them effortlessly into pure sound." " a tempting way to turn that dream into reality and treat oneself to a set of real speakers."

Category: top grade
Verdict: overall winner

Extract from Klang & Ton

"It is indeed the drum sections that really make this large Visaton speaker system sit up and take notice. It powers out ... fiery drum solos across the room ... without even showing the hint of an effort."

Category: top grade 1
Value for money: very good