MB 156/3

Characteristics and sound properties

The MB 156/3 extends the range of musicians' speakers available from Visaton by adding one new 3-way combination. The bass department is controlled in this arrangement by the BGS 40 - 8 Ohm, which is a carry-over from the successful MB 115/H. The mid-range is provided by the BG 17 - 8 Ohm which, thanks to its high sensitivity level, has no problem at all matching the output level of the woofer. The combination is neatly rounded off at the top range of frequencies by the HTH 8.7 - 8 Ohm horn which has also already made a good impression in other speakers.

To ensure that the high sensitivity of the BGS 40 - 8 Ohm, which on average is 95 dB (1 W/1 m), is also achieved at the low frequency range, there are two bass reflex vents in the baffle. Having the tuning frequency set at a high 55 Hz means that the thickness of the material used for the front panel is sufficient as the length of the bass reflex tubes. No tunnels or tubes are required.

A well-tuned crossover ensures that each of the three drivers only deals with the range of frequencies for which it was originally designed. In the case of the MB 156/3, this arrangement results in a highly linear frequency response, even at high output levels, which is close to hi-fi needs.

No longer available.

Technical Data

Rated power
200 W
Maximum power
300 W
Nominal impedance Z
8 Ohm
Übertragungsbereich (-10 dB)
54–20000 Hz
Mittlerer Schalldruckpegel
95 dB (1 W/1 m)
700 / 4500 Hz
Net volume
90 l + 4 l
Außenmaß Höhe
700 mm
Außenmaß Breite
450 mm
Außenmaß Tiefe
420 mm

Frequency- and impedance response

Component parts list for 1 box

1 pc.
1 pc.
1 pc.
1 pc.
Damping material
Polyester wool
2 bags
1 pc.
Wood screws
3,5 x 19 mm
4 pcs.
Wood screws
4 x 20 mm
12 St.
Special wood screws
5 x 30 mm
8 pcs.
Countersunk screws
3,5 x 25 mm
4 pcs.
2 x 2,5 mm²
1,2 m
2 x 1,5 mm²
1,5 m