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FRWS 5 - 4 Ohm

Art. No. 2209

5 cm (2") fullrange speaker with square basket, soft surround and special light weight cone. Balanced frequency response above 250 Hz, brilliant highs and good omnidirectional sound distribution. Suitable as midrange driver in column speaker systems for HiFi applications as well as for 100 V sound reinforcement systems. Due to the small size also suitable for model construction and as control speaker for electronic devices.

Typical applications

  • Very narrow network column speakers
  • Monitoring speaker for electronic devices
  • Model construction


  • Moisture-resistant membrane
  • metal design
*Gross price for private customers. Industrial prices are available on request.
Technical Data
Amplitude & Impedance Frequency
Directivity pattern
Rated power 4 W
Maximum power 10 W
Nominal impedance Z 4 Ohm
Frequency response 150–20000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level 84 dB (1 W/1 m)
Opening angle (-6 dB) 180°/4000 Hz
Excursion limit +/−2 mm
Resonance frequency fs 250 Hz
Magnetic induction 0.75 T
Magnetic flux 65 µWb
Height of front pole-plate 2 mm
Voice coil diameter 14 mm
Height of winding 2.7 mm
Cutout diameter 45 mm
Net weight 0.1 kg
D.C. resistance Rdc 3.6 Ohm
Mechanical Q factor Qms 2.48
Electrical Q factor Qes 2.5
Total Q factor Qts 1.24
Equivalent volume Vas 0.2 l
Effective piston area Sd 12 cm²
Dynamically moved mass Mms 0.5 g
Force factor Bxl 1.1 Tm
Inductance of the voice coil L 0.08 mH
Connections Solder lugs
Temperature range –25 ... 70 °C

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