Surround speakers


The ARIA DIPOL 1 is intended specifically as an effect speaker for the rear channels in multichannel systems. It unites two concepts: It can be used in both dipole and direct modes. By activating the two outer tweeters, something approaching the dipole effect is achieved, i.e. a diffused sound field. At the same time, the centre tweeter is deactivated. This solution cannot achieve the perfect diffused field of a full dipole set-up, which uses twin cones in the bass department as well, but it does represent a good, value-for-money compromise.
ARIA DIPOL 1 speakers can be combined wither with the other members of the ARIA family or with larger speakers such as the VOX 200.


The BIJOU 170 is a compact shelf-top speaker with high-end drivers as the original BIJOU. The AL 170 - 8 Ohm woofer in the closed 10.5 l case provides for a kick and exact bass which works well and without booming by mounting on a wall. This was reached by a slightly rising frequency response to about 1000 Hz, so that the BIJOU 170 should be used preferentially as a wall or shelf-mounted speaker.

In this duet the high tone reproduction takes over the also well known ceramic tweeter KE 25 SC - 8 Ohm which is extremely rich in detail and exact in work.

The BIJOU 170 is available as single version and can be used therefore e.g. as a centre speaker, but, of course, also as a front and effect loudspeaker in home cinema systems, supported by an additional subwoofer.

Art. No. 5889


If you do not have much space for your surround speakers to the rear and sides of your cosy chairs, this smaller surround system, CT EFFECT 80, is the ideal solution. The cabinets are so small, they can be hidden anywhere. The FRS 8 - 8 Ohm fullrange speaker, with its extremely linear frequency response, is well-suited thanks to its frequency response of 100 Hz - 7.000 Hz.
Comprehensive practical tests have demonstrated that, as far as surround speakers are concerned, omnidirectional sound distribution is particularly effective. This system produces a spatial listening effect which is independent of the actual seat position. In order to achieve this ideal sound distribution, the FRS 8 - 8 Ohm is mounted in such a way that it points upwards. The bundling effect does not begin until very high frequencies are reached, as a result of the small size. The required 7,000 Hz are therefore easily distributed horizontally. The optimal position for these small speakers is at head height beside the wall or in a corner of the room, behind the seats and to the sides. The relatively low power handling capabilities of these small speakers is of secondary importance because with this fullrange surround system the high-output, low frequencies are not included in the effects channel of the Dolby®-Surround Prologic system. Furthermore, a sound system is considered to be ideally set up if the sounds are felt to be coming from in front of the listener. These effect speakers generate a quieter, more diffused impression of the sound, which is not intended to be easily located. In terms of their sound output, these easy-to-make speakers will satisfy your spatial expectations. All the sounds encoded in films using the Dolby®-Surround Prologic system to include spatial effects are reproduced naturally and at more than sufficient volume levels for normal sitting rooms.
In conjunction with the CT SUB 80 system and the CT CENTER 80, two CT EFFECT 80 's provide an excellent surround sound "starter" system, that will transport viewers right into the centre of the action with centrally located dialogues, background noises and dramatic sound effects.

A complete kit for this suggestion is available via


The 2-way FONTANA system is a 360° omnidirectional speaker with a highly attractive appearance and is particularly well suited as an effect speaker. The speakers are arranged so that they point upwards and reflect the sound output by means of two specially shaped cones. This results in a uniformly distributed frequency response, that matches your hearing expectations in the room.

The best sound quality is achieved if these omnidirectional speakers are positioned about 50 cm to 1 m from a wall. This produces spatial sound of such tangible quality that it is perceived at any position in the room. Virtual sound sources, such as instruments or voices perceived to be between the speakers, can be clearly located from any seating position in the room, which gives listeners a freedom of movement in the room they have never had before and this holds true even in acoustically difficult rooms. This results in extraordinary diffusion fields for the effects channels in Dolby® Surround and multi-channel systems.

The DT 94 - 8 Ohm tweeters, ideal for this type of system, working in conjunction with the mid-bass AL 170 - 8 Ohm and the carefully tuned crossover unit, ensure balanced, neutral sound reproduction. Low-range bass frequencies are boosted by the BR 15.34 tube, which is situated in the bottom of the bass chamber and guarantees clear, powerful bass reproduction.

The omnidirectional FONTANA, tested in an anechoic chamber, achieved a maximum volume of 98 dB. If positioned, as recommended, near a wall, however, the system produces + 6 dB or, in a corner of the room, + 9 dB, making this omnidirectional speaker ideally suited even for larger rooms. If required, two FONTANA's can be installed on each side to produce a full surround field. To do so, position one omnidirectional speaker to the side of the seating arrangement and a second one behind that. The same applies to the other side.

The FONTANA is ideal as a fullrange effects speaker system for high-quality surround sound systems for movies and music, but can just as well be used as the main loudspeaker for hi-fi stereo systems to give you excellent spatial listening pleasure for your favourite music.

Art. No. 5974


The objective during the development of the La Belle center speaker was to convey the outstanding sound quality requirements achieved in the La Belle column speaker to a horizontal center speaker. A key aim of the project was for the center speaker to emulate its big sister’s abilities in every discipline and enable perfect integration in a high-quality surroundsystem at benchmark level. To achieve this high standard, the configuration and volume of the housing were retained and any changes to the crossover were kept to an absolute minimum.

One particular new feature that has been incorporated is a regulator allowing the bass level to be adjusted by very fine degrees over a broad level range. This takes account of the fact that centre speakers are often mounted close to a wall and this often leads to unpleasant over-emphasis of bass frequencies. To achieve even better freedom as regards the distance above the floor, the control is deigned to be infinitely variable. This enables this center speaker to be adapted for mounting at any desired point - whether free-standing or close to a wall or corner - without restriction.

The result is, in every respect, a complete success. Once correctly set up, the La Belle centre produces the same spatially separated, taught, dynamic and accurate results as we are already accustomed to from the La Belle column speaker. It is perfectly and harmoniously integrated in the system as a whole, enables a firm volume level and yet produces such an utterly clean-sounding surround system that the limits are defined only by the quality of the source and the ears of those listening. Both the quiet passages and louder sections are reproduced accurately and with attention to detail. No audible weaknesses are detectable and compression distortion is a term that is simply not used in connection with this speaker. The sum of these characteristics qualifies the La BelleCentre as a realistic alternative to the column speakers. This remarkable speaker, designed for everyday enjoyment but by no means mundane, is ideally suited as a powerful rear speaker. To ensure you make full use of the speaker’s capabilities (especially in the bass department), it is recommended that you do not use a high-pass filter in conjunction with your surround amplifier.


As the most compact member of the La Belle family, the La Belle CR is equipped with the same tweeter and mid-range drivers as its bigger sisters La Belle and La Belle Center, but does without the woofers found in those larger arrangements. As regards its appearance, the La Belle CR is obviously based on the La Belle. The objective of the development was to produce rear speaker that can also be used as a smaller centre speaker.

In order to achieve a reasonable lower limiting frequency for use with a surround system, the cabinet was designed to be just big enough to house the B 200 - 6 Ohm above 67 Hz while keeping the loudspeaker cabinet as compact as possible. Although this may appear to be a contradiction in terms, the parameters of the B 200 - 6 Ohm allow this idea to be put into practice, which enables the La Belle CR to be easily integrated in a surround system in conjunction with large main speakers and subwoofers. Even if used as a simple pair of stereo speakers, they will cut a good figure.

The low-frequency range is subjected to linearising and high-pass filtering by the serial capacitor. Nevertheless, we recommend including a high-pass filter on the surround amp (small mode), which will enable much improved bass management. Since it does not have to cope with the lower frequencies, the La Belle CR is well able to keep up with the larger family members at the top end of the volume scale.

At the same time, it has been possible to retain the inimitable soundquality and range of detail found throughout the La Belle family, which allows the harmonious surround effect to be achieved through all the speakers at the highest level. The challenge of reproducing the finest acoustic details provided by the source of the sound at the volume levels typically encountered in film environments is met with remarkable accuracy, which results in many an astonished listener in the auditorium. This speaker is quite simply able to amaze.

Art. No. 5882


When development on the STUDIO 2 started, there were key questions posed: is it possible to improve on a 2-band shelf-top speaker and is a new version necessary in the first place? To be clear from the start: the answer to both questions is "yes".

The introduction of waveguide technology made it possible to optimise acoustic characteristics not only along the axis, but also to perfect the lateral radiation pattern. This enhancement has been implemented here.

The STUDIO 2 speaker brings together the two high-end AL 130 – 8 Ohm and G 25 FFL – 8 Ohm drivers in a harmonious marriage, in the same way as in the larger sister, the STUDIO 1. This combination of a 13-cm mid-bass unit and a 25-mm tweeter has already proved its worth in that speaker.

The tweeter is also supported by a waveguide in the STUDIO 2, the WG 148 R. This round version of the waveguide WG 220x150 has exactly the same acoustic characteristics and ensures optimised beaming between the G 25 FFL – 8 Ohm dome tweeter, which normally radiates its output quite noticeably and the AL 130 – 8 Ohm mid-bass unit, which tends to bundle its output more around the higher frequencies. In this way, the result is a completely homogeneous, seamless whole, characterised by uniform focus.

The drivers, all tuned to be as lossless as possible, ensure accurate, finely resolved sound quality, which rounds off the holistic character of the speaker.

As a result of these finely balanced acoustic characteristics, the STUDIO 2 is well suited to use as a monitor in sound studios, which is why it was given that name during the development stage. As is usual for loudspeakers of this genre, sound reproduction has been kept as neutral as possible so as not to taint the sound recording.

As well as these professional applications, the speaker can equally well be used for normal stereo or multi-channel systems. If used in connection with a home theatre system, we recommend configuring the loudspeakers as "small" in the receiver set-up. This will filter out the really deep frequencies, which will enable the STUDIO 2 to generate unbelievable sound pressure levels. Despite the compact dimensions, if these speakers are supported by a subwoofer, even much larger systems can be elbowed aside.

So the STUDIO 2 is not merely a small-format 2-band shelf-top speaker, it is a small, universally talented speaker with a sound quality you simply would not expect.

Art. No. 5881