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PT 57 NG

Art. No. 5192

Loudspeaker terminal with recessed terminal board and foam sealing for airtight installation. For cable diameters of up to 10 mm2, 2-pole, 1 red and 1 black lever each. Round mounting cutout. Including mounting screws.

*Gross price for private customers. Industrial prices are available on request.
Technical Data
Cutout diameter ø 50 mm

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The CT CENTER 80 is a compact, enclosed 2-way system with well-balanced sound quality and complete magnetic shielding, as required for example if positioned close to a TV or PC. Inside the cabinet, we use magnetically shielded speakers, types SC 8 8 Ohm (8 cm full-range) and SC 5 8 Ohm (10 mm tweeter) and the complete speaker then meets the shielding requirements of the THX® regulations (3-Gaussian curve). The asymmetric design of the front baffle and of the crossover unit provide good omnidirectional sound distribution both vertically and horizontally. It is possible to install the speakers in the upright position, as is usual for multimedia systems, or lying down on top of a TV, as is usual with surround systems. This also provides for application in a subwoofersatellite system with the CT SUB 80. In terms of sound quality, the CT CENTER 80 produces clear-cut sound, well removed from the speakers, but with remarkably well-formed bass reproduction for a system of this size. In conjunction with the CT SUB 80 system and two CT EFFECT 80's, the CT CENTER 80 provides an excellent surround sound "starter" system, that will transport viewers right into the centre of the action with centrally located dialogues, background noises and dramatic soundeffects.


Connoisseurs of crisp, powerful bass and clear higher range frequencies, coupled with excellent power-handling capabilities, will welcome the 65-litre FIESTA 20 speaker, because it was designed specifically for them.
A special crossover circuit enables the two W 200 NG 8 Ohm to work in the bass range in tandem up to around 120 Hz. After that, the output level of the lower speaker is lowered and the upper W 200 NG 8 Ohm takes over the mid-range. The pressure chamber system of the DHT 9 8 Ohmproduces high-range dynamics with amazing signal fidelity and is effectively protected against overloading by the voltage attenuator connected in series.
The special sound characteristics of this system will appeal mainly to rock music fans. This musical genre often requires high output levels and needs the right punch in the bass range. It is precisely these features, good power handling capabilities and authentic bass reproduction coupled with a moderate price that make the VISATON FIESTA 20 what it is.


A loudspeaker that produces similar sound characteristics in the hi-fi field as the FIESTA 20, but, due to its higher efficiency rating, can also double up as a speaker for the electronic organ at home and be used in the party room; that is the FIESTA 30.
At the lower end of the frequency scales in this all-round system, we find the tough 12" BG 30 NG 8 Ohm in a generously sized 130-litre vented cabinet. The mid- to high-range is covered by the new BG 20 8 Ohm and the DHT 9 8 Ohm tweeter horn.
The result is a high efficiency rating of 91 dB (1 W/1 m) at impedancelevels that are not amplifier-sensitive and a music load of no less than 250 W.
The robust reproduction quality required for party use or for a musician is complemented adequately by the smooth frequency response with the neutral hi-fi sound qualities required in a home listening environment.

MB 212/H

For sound reproduction in large halls or in the open, you need loudspeakers with a high efficiency rating. This means that the electrical input has to be converted to sound output with the minimum possible loss. Since the mid- and high-range sound is dampened more than the bass sound as the distance from the loudspeaker increases, the frequency response of a speaker designed for this application has to rise as you move up the frequency scale. Otherwise, the speaker will sound dull at a distance.

The MB 212/H musician's P.A. system has the required characteristics and is therefore well suited to use in discos, as an outside small-volume P.A., or as a vocals and instrument speaker. The two powerful 30-cm musician's subwoofers run parallel up to around 4,000 Hz, at which point the robust, but neutral-sounding HTH 8.7 8 Ohm high-range flare takes over.

The following calculation shows how important it is to have the right efficiency rating for professional P.A. speakers: the MB 212/H speaker generates a mean sound pressure of 98 dB at 1 watt and at 1 metre from the speaker. At the maximum permanent load of 300 W, the maximum achievable at 1 metre is 123 dB. In the open, measured at 60 metres from the speaker, the level is merely 87 dB.

Suppose we were to use a normal hi-fi speaker with a high efficiency rating of 90 dB/1 W/1 m, it would take 1,900 watts (!) to achieve 87 dB at a distance of 60 metres. As you can see, no normal hi-fi speaker is in a position to achieve anything like the required compression-free sound output.


NANO is the name of the latest miniature magic made by VISATON. This system, equipped with the tiniest of satellite speakers, sounds as uncompromisingly good as many far larger upright systems. The high frequency range is designed as a dipole and, in conjunction with the mid- and bass frequencies, creates a well-rounded, airy overall sound. The balanced frequency response across the entire frequency range, one hitherto not achievable by this kind of system, is a feature of the Nano system.

The tiny satellites must be considered "sitting room friendly" because they are so compact, they'll fit in any shelving system. The subwoofer cabinet, equipped with the well-known high-end GF 200 driver, has been designed to match the satellites and simply disappears in a corner of the room.

The BR 25.50 bass reflex tube with its flow-optimised, curved trumpet vent, contributes to the good overall sound. The subwoofer cannot be located due to its 18 dB filter and separation at 150 Hz. A high-pass system and reflex balance enable the two tiny, magnetically screen satellites to produce remarkably dynamic sound. They can, therefore, also be used as centre or surround speakers for Dolby Surround systems at home.
Not available as a complete kit.

VOX 80

This the smallest member of the VOX family is an exactly scaled-down version of the larger models. The dimensions of the VOX 253 have been reduced by a factor of around 3. The driver concept, consisting of two mid-range loudspeakers and a side-mounted woofer, corresponds to the other VOX versions. The two 5 cm full-range FRWS 5 R - 8 Ohmspeakers fit perfectly in the baffle and cover mid-range. The smaller CP 13 - 4 Ohm tweeter ensures that the higher-frequency, although already well covered by the FRWS 5 R - 8 Ohm, is further strengthened. The woofer in this set is an F 8 SC - 8 Ohm full-range loudspeaker.

In order to be worthy of the honour of being included in the VOX family, the VOX 80 is fitted with a crossover which is just as conscientiously matched to the drivers as those in the larger models.

The results can be both seen and heard. The VOX 80 is an eye-catcher as well as an ear-catcher on any desk as a PC-based hifi, for example.

The VOX 80 has a power handling of 20/30 watts. In practice, in a PC environment, however, this output level is seldom, if ever, required. Set to an output of one watt, one VOX 80 will generate approx. 80 dB in a workplace, both speakers together create 86 dB. This is very loud. A miniature amplifier like the Visaton AMP 2.2 or AMP 2.2 LN will, therefore, be perfectly sufficient for most applications.

Art. No. 5940

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